What to do: Long weekend in San Francisco

Hi everyone!

I absolutely LOVE to travel and I’ve decided to share my experiences in hopes it will inspire you to go somewhere or help you plan your next trip!

Earlier this year, my husband Alex and I went to San Francisco.

Alex had been for work but I’d never been before!

So here are my recommendations for what to do in San Francisco for a long weekend.

Telegraph Hill


This is a picture from our walk up the hill.


This is where the famous Coit Tower is and this is the view from the park.

My first view of the Golden Gate Bridge!

Pier 39

This is definitely the tourist area.

It’s near the East Bay Bridge and its where all the shopping and restaurants are.

My favorite place where we ate was Boudin bakery.


We went in January, so this soup was PERFECT for the chilly day.

The clam chowder is amazing and it comes in a bread bowl so.. enough said.

The main attraction at the pier, though, are the sea lions.



Alcatraz Island


We opted for the audio tour and it was great!

Unless you book a tour, you will just roam around the prison with no guidance. The audio tour has won awards because it has first-hand accounts from people who worked and were imprisoned here. I most definitely recommend it!


We also lucked out and a worker took us for a free behind-the-scenes tour. He locked us in a cell (above) for 90 seconds. We couldn’t see or hear anything. It was eerie.



There’s also plenty of room on the island to walk around and take in the views.

You get a great view of the San Francisco skyline from here.



Golden Gate Park

This park is huge!

..and it’s beautiful!

There are so many places to bike, walk, play frisbee, etc.

Our favorite spot (and one of the highlights of our whole trip) was the Japanese Tea Garden.




The tea garden also had a cute little restaurant where you could order Japanese food or green tea.


Yes, there’s a Chinatown in a lot of major cities.

But the one here is my favorite.


The colors are vibrant and I felt like the people weren’t as aggressive as they are in other places.

This is also the location of the fortune cookie factory BUT.. you can’t take photos there.

Marina District

Of course, one of the main things to see is the Golden Gate bridge.

Yes, we went over it but you can’t see it like you can from here.


We walked down by the Golden Gate Yacht Club and out on a little inlet.

It wasn’t crowded at all and we had a great view of the bridge.


Last recommendation: just walk around

This seems like a no-brainer and we tend to walk around aimlessly at least at some point on all our trips.

You can’t get a feel for a city if you stay in the tourist areas.

The great thing about San Francisco is there’s not a bad view no matter where you go.

We loved walking up hills, checking out the houses, and looking around!



I hope you found this helpful!

Let me know down in the comments what you thought of this article!

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