What to do with 48 hours in Rome

Ahhh Roma! The city of ancient history, romance, and most importantly: PASTA!

Here’s how my husband and I spent 48 hours making the most of Italy’s capital city.



Colosseum & Roman Forum

This is a given and it’s pretty self-explanatory. The Colosseum might be the most tourist-filled attraction in all of Italy, but it’s well worth the visit. Just standing near these structures and knowing they were built thousands of years ago is worth the flight to Europe.




This building is near the Roman Forum (the second picture is overlooking it with the Colosseum in the background). It’s a great way to get an overall view of the city. It’s free to go in, but it costs to go up the elevator to the top.



Trevi Fountain

It’s another must-see place so it’s an area always packed with people (I had to crop this picture so you couldn’t see anyone in it) BUT you’ve gotta go.



Vatican City

I have friends who’ve been to Rome but tell me they didn’t go see the Vatican. If you’re not interested in the history or religion background, you should at least go to add another country onto your list! It’s also the smallest country in Europe.



Castel San Angelo

This is right beside the Vatican City. We just happened to notice it (you can’t really miss it) walking by and decided to go in and check it out. It’s an old fortress and is pretty cool to look around but if you climb to the top you’ll see great views of the Tiber river and Rome.



Last but most definitely not least… We loved the Pantheon! It was one of our last places we visited before leaving the city, but I’m so glad we went. It’s considered the best preserved of all ancient Roman buildings and just walking around I was amazed and how well kept this now-church is! This is the one place I tell friends they can’t miss when in Rome!




OF COURSE… you have to eat. Here were a couple of my favorites (bc we’re millennials and always photograph our food, right?)

I hope you enjoyed this guide to Rome!

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