5 reasons why you will love Pompeii

pompeii cover.JPG

It’s different from the rest of Italy

Pompeii is known for something totally different from the rest of the country. The centuries old city was preserved by ash after Mt. Vesuvius that sits above it erupted in 79 AD. If you’re looking for something other than gondolas in Venice or the Colosseum in Rome, this is your place.



The sites

It’s amazing to see what’s still in Pompeii today. From paintings in a brothel to vases and a dog frozen in their final resting place, it’s something you’ll never forget.




As you walk through the ancient city, you learn what life was like then. You can still see the amphitheater and houses left behind. If you have a tour guide – even better. They can tell you more about life there that scientists have learned recently. It’s honestly incredible!


View in Pompeii.JPG

The views

If you’re not sure exactly where Pompeii is, it’s south of Rome near Naples. It’s near the ocean but surrounded by mountains (sitting under Mt. Vesuvius, of course). The views from the old city are stunning.



Close to Naples

As I mentioned before, Pompeii is a short drive from Naples – the birthplace of pizza. Enough said, right? In addition to that, it’s a cute city sitting on the Bay of Naples with quaint shops and a beautiful cathedral. If you have time to see both – do it.


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