The 3 places you MUST see in Greece

Yes, Santorini made the list.

These days when people hear “Greece” they think of the white washed buildings on the side of a cliff. Maybe it has a blue roof, too.

But there is so much more of Greece to explore (no, I haven’t been everywhere so I don’t know about every destination) and here are my top picks for places you should go when you visit.


Santorini 1

You knew this was coming. Yes, it might be cliche, but there’s a reason everyone puts this place on the list.

It’s just as magical as it looks.

We loved the capital city of Thira, went to the top of its mountain Profitis Ilias, and, of course, walked through the famous village of Oia.

Santorini 2

What I love most about this island is that it’s just so unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The buildings hang on to the edge of the cliff. You can look straight down into the water below.

Oh, and the sunrise here is unbelievable.

Santorini 3

But, if you go to Santorini, you also need to go to these other places too.


You can’t really visit Greece without visiting its most famous city.

Okay, you could, but you’d miss out on one of the most incredible sites on the planet.

The parthenon.

Athens 3

I’m not going to lie. It’s crowded.

But it’s easy to see why. The parthenon is 2400 years old and sits on a hill looking out at the city.

Athens 2


Athens 1

I do have to be honest here.

As much as this history buff (me) loved the Parthenon, the city of Athens overall didn’t do it for me. However, just seeing the Parthenon made this one of my favorite stops in Greece.


If you love to go to the beach, you’ll love Crete.

If you DON’T love the beach, you’ll still love Crete.

Crete 2

We spent a day here and took a taxi to Agia Pelagia – a fishing village (with a nice beach) about a half hour from the capital city of Heraklion.

It’s very remote but still has cute shops and restaurants to stop in.

Crete 3

The water is crystal clear (but freezing!). It’s one of my favorite beaches I’ve ever been to!

Crete 1

What is your favorite place in Greece or where would you like to go? Let me know!

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5 thoughts on “The 3 places you MUST see in Greece

  1. I went to Crete once, but I was 4, so I can’t really say I remember much of it. However, I went to Rhodes and Symi last year, and I liked it. Rhodes has some hidden gems, even though it’s also crowded and very touristic. 🙂 I liked your photos, and I should definitely go and see Santorini and Athens, and maybe also give Crete another visit (one I can actually remember) 🙂


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