This is hands down America’s Best National Park

If you’ve ever been to Glacier National Park, I think you’ll agree with me: It’s America’s best National Park.

This is what GNP in Montana has that makes it better than all the rest.

Incredible drive.


When you enter the park from Kalispell and Columbia Falls, you drive on the “Going to the Sun” road. It’s a narrow, curvy drive that winds up into the mountains.

It’s only open for about 4 months because snowy conditions make it unsafe for the rest of the year.

Pro tip: Go early in the day if you want to park at the visitor center at the top (several hikes leave from there – more on that below). Parking is extremely limited!

Unbeatable views.


There isn’t a bad view in the park. Like I just said, the drive into the park was one of the highlights of our trip! You’re surrounded by tall mountains, deep valleys, and the occasional lake filled with glacier water.

Amazing hikes.


We went on several hikes during our time at Glacier NP, but two of them stick out in my mind as the most memorable.

Hidden Lake


This is one of the most popular trails in the park. The trailhead is right across from the visitor center and its not a super strenuous hike. In mid-July, we walked through slick patches of snow on our way to the lake. We saw a lot of goats and ended with a gorgeous view of Hidden Lake. Like I said, not a bad view anywhere in the park!

Highline Trail


We spent about a half day on this hike.

You walk along the edge of the mountain on a narrow path and the views are spectacular! We packed a lunch and ate it in a clearing about 6 miles in. This was the highlight of my trip!

With that said, I’ve only seen a small fraction of the park.


I can’t wait to go back and explore more of this amazing place!!

What’s your favorite National Park?

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