The most beautiful place in Europe: Jungfrau

When you picture the Swiss Alps, this is what you’re thinking of:


..or maybe this is what heaven looks like?

Either way I saw it in person and it’s just as epic as it looks in the picture. This is Jungfrau!

Jungfraujoch is the highest railway station in Europe and while the view above is amazing, the adventure to the top was just as incredible.


It took about 2 hours by train with stops along the way. My favorite stop was in Lauterbrunnen – a quaint little town in the middle of the Alps with water cascading off the cliffs.


The last train was a funicular – that uses cable traction to climb steep inclines. On our way up, we were surrounded by snowy mountains. The trip took hours but it felt like minutes. I could have ridden those trains all day!


At the top, there’s a restaurant, an outdoor observation deck, and an ice grotto.

This was my dad’s dream trip and this was the highlight for me! Look at that smile!!!!


We stayed in Interlaken and booked the trip online before we went. While I usually go for budget-friendly travel, this was a splurge-worthy adventure. Some things are just worth it!

All five of us who went say we already can’t wait to go back! Is Switzerland on your travel bucket list?

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