The 2 cities you MUST visit in Switzerland

Switzerland was always on my bucket list for a number of reasons: snow, the Alps, and trains just to name a few.

AA Interlaken

I’m not saying these two places are the ONLY places you should visit, I’m saying these are my favorites (so far) and I’ll tell you why.


Interlaken 8

If you love adrenaline-pumping activities, this place is for you. From just about anywhere in this city, you can see paragliders in the sky.

Interlaken 10

This is a very popular skydiving and paragliding destination and we sat in a park watching people maneuver their parachutes and attempt to land gracefully. Local companies also offer high speed boat tours, whitewater rafting, and more!

Interlaken 14

Interlaken 21

We stopped in Interlaken so we could take the train to Jungfrau (the highest railway station in Europe). It’s a 2 hour train ride (part of the journey uses a funicular) to the top of a mountain overlooking a glacier. 10/10 recommend and you can read more about it in another post here.


Lucerne 2

Lucerne 5

Lucerne was a lot different than Interlaken. Lucerne felt more like a busy European city with a big train station, lots of shopping, and a port.

We loved walking around across the Kappelbrucke (or chapel bridge) and looking at the buildings and Alps towering above us.

Lucerne 7

Lucerne 8

There’s a wall that surrounds the city that you can climb and check out the sights below.

Lucerne 10.JPG

What cities in Switzerland do you love or want to visit?

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